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My story

Hello and everyone and welcome to the Colorado River Basin, my personal blog dedicated to profitable sports betting. I hope with time the material posted here will attract the betting crowd. With your help, I hope to initiate intriguing discussions on how to turn bookmakers into our personal cash cows. But first, let me tell you a few words about me and what motivates me to write this blog.

I am Phillip, an IT Consultant by profession with a passion for sports betting. As a big football fan and supporter of FC Barcelona I was visiting the football ground and placed a few bets here and there for fun since quite a young age. I didn’t bet too much in those days, since the only thing I knew about sports betting is that it loses you money.

Fast forward to my last year in university, I was struggling to find work and has taken a big loan to finance my studies. One time as I was flying back home, I got news that my plane had a technical failure and I won’t fly today. I received a room in a hotel at the airport, waiting for the next plane. Chatting with the other passengers, I got to know a guy who introduced me to this new way of making money online – Arbitrage Betting! It sounded silly at first, but after he explained to me the logic behind it it started to make sense. Finally, as I flew back home I was excited to give it a try as soon as I have landed.

To develop a model turned out to be the hardest betting task I have ever attempted. And the tipster area was apparently full with losing services and outright scams. However, there were the few decent tipsters out there. Furthermore, my models started showing a progress. So here I am now, trying to bring all my projects forward and inform you about the process.

Starting new projects, I will make sure to maintain the old ones – or at least the profitable ones. In this way I intend to build a portfolio of betting strategies. Each with a positive ROI but independent from each other. In this way I will both be able to employ more capital as I grow, as well as diversify the risks of the single strategies.